When to get the best deals for christmas

Be as flexible as possible with dates and airports in order to get the best fares and schedule. Keep in mind that flying into or out of a smaller airport can make a big difference in your holiday travel experience, since smaller airports tend to have smaller crowds and shorter lines. When booking flights, check your search results carefully for sufficient time during layovers, and build in some time for flight delays and weather woes.


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Particularly during the winter months, peak travel times often bring travel delays, and your connections are more likely to be jeopardized. Avoiding tight connections might save you a sprint through the terminal or, worse yet, a missed flight. Many flights are completely full around the holidays, so if you miss your scheduled flight due to a flat tire or unexpected traffic, it may not be easy to get on another flight in a reasonable amount of time.

Most airlines recommend checking in 90 minutes early for domestic flights and two hours early for international flights. Expect to encounter long lines at check-in and security, and plan accordingly.

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To save yourself time, put gas in your car the night before. Has it been a while since you last flew?

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Airport parking lots may be vast, but they do fill up during peak travel times. Consider alternatives to driving yourself such as taking public transportation, booking a shuttle, calling a cab or rideshare, or having someone drop you off. The latest self-service developments in online travel can be tremendous time-savers during peak travel times.

Whenever possible, print your boarding passes at home or pull them up on your smartphone. Consider applying for trusted traveler programs such as Global Entry or TSA PreCheck , which allow you to skip the normal security lines. If you buy most of your gifts online, have them shipped directly to your destination.

This will cut down on luggage and the risk of them getting lost.

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As a rule, airports are least congested at times when normal human beings would rather be at home or even asleep. Caveat: Staffing can be spotty for really early flights, so although your flight is highly likely to be ready to leave on time, check-in may take a while, as may other personnel-dependent steps like riding shuttle buses.

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Finding the best day to get the best Christmas shopping deals

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